Why Do People Collect Old Magazine Ads?

Rather than me answer that question, let me point you to a recent blog by "Alana" at Alana's Books and Magazines. She starts off with Long before there were pop up ads on the internet, commercials on the television and radio, merchants used print media to get their message across to the consumer masses. Just about any company that has or had goods of services to sell has advertised Read More

Ephemera at Bonanzle

As most of you know, selling at eBay - whether it be Ephemera or Pez dispensers - is becoming more and more expensive for the casual seller. In fact, the site is becoming overrun by the "big boys" - folks like the "Best Buy Outlet Store" and the "HP Marketplace". Several alternative auction venues have turned up in the not too distant past - among them Delcampe Auctions which has Read More

Digital Libraries

The more I search, the more I find. It may not be new news to many of you... but to me it is.  A large number of our Colleges and University Libraries are putting together "Digital Libraries" and within those libraries they often have "Digital Collections". The one I ran across most recently is at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.  Today's find was their "Emergence of Read More

Collecting Old Vintage Ephemera Souvenirs

"Do you remember when the circus came to town? When the President came to town? When Elvis came to town?" That's the title and lead in line to Alana's  most recent blog article.  Alana is a lady from Wisconsin who runs two online websites selling vintage collectibles, used and rare books, back issue magazines, postcards, ephemera and other antique and retro cherished treasures of Read More

The New York Public Library’s Digital Cigarette Card Collection

In my most recent blog article I mentioned that I had done some traveling of late and wrote of the Bata Museum in Toronto.  What I failed to mention is that our travels also took us briefly home to New York City - but that was an Ephemera-free visit. Today I ran across references to the New York City Public Library's (NYPL) Digital Collection of tobacco cards, which now numbers more Read More

Long time absence….

Wow, it's hard for me to believe it has been so long since my last posting here.  I have been all consumed in chores, trips, events and other miscellaneous time consuming activities that have kept me away from the keyboard.. and from this blog.  Sorry! One of the trips we took was to Toronto, and while there we had the pleasure of visiting a very interesting museum... The Bata Shoe Read More